Readers' Comments

Darlene May Lee
 Executive Director, Earth Law Center :

« If you’re tired of all the bad news about the environment and want to be part of the solution but feel overwhelmed, Ginette Riopelle’s “Nudge for the Planet” is a great place to start. By reading this short, thoughtful and comprehensive book – you’ll not only have a much clearer understanding of all the activities going on to address the environmental challenges of our day, you can see actions to take to get involved. “Nudge for the Planet” is timely, inspiring and smart ».


Anne Desroches,
B.Sc., M.Sc., Emotional Therapist :

“A beautiful, easy-to-read book that explains the climate issues for our planet and the choices that we have to make today as a society. I finally understood carbon credits and their advantages and disadvantages… A must read to raise awareness!”

Marylou Amyot, Daycare Center Director :

“A book that easily conveys a realistic message and offers hope for our planet! Magnificent ! “


Sophie De Henau, Producer :

“This book explains the extent of the current environmental situation with a lot of interesting and eye-opening facts. It also suggests a new approach to the problem and a worldview that would collectively change the course of the planet for the better.”

Jean-Guy Duchaine, Retired Human Resources Consultant :

“Ginette Riopelle manages to deftly bridge the gap between nature-loving ancestral behaviors and the results of extensive literature and doctrine research on the challenges we face in saving our planet. And she does so with accessible writing in a text abundantly embellished with a host of references for further reflection. “

About the Author

Ginette Riopelle is an animal and nature lover. As such, she has always cared deeply about the environment.

Ginette obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1992 and works in the field of energy efficiency. She is a member of the Knowledge Network of United Nations’ Harmony with Nature initiative.

A few years ago, she realized that the world’s environmental problems went beyond developing technological improvements to solve them. She believed that the answers to understanding the human-earth connection could be sought by delving into the lives of people who lived very close to nature. Her findings led to the publication of “Nudge for the Planet – A Guide towards a New Worldview”.